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Total Available Parts
Front Parts
Clerence Lamp (RH & LH)
Fog Lamp (RH & LH)   (1)
Front Apron
Front Bumper & Bumper Stay
Front Fender
Head Lamp (RH & LH)   (1)
Hood & Front Fender
Hood Lock & Hinge
Radiator Grille
Radiator Supports
Windshield Glass   (1)
Engine Room
Air Compressor & Reservior
Alternator   (2)
Cylinder Head   (5)
Engine Assembly
Injection Pump Body
Intercooler & Sub Radiator
Radiator & Water Outlet
Starter Assy
Torque Converter
Transmission Assembly(ATM)
Transmission Assembly(MTM)   (1)
Body Parts
Back Door Assembly (RH & LH)   (3)
Back Door Panel & Glass   (3)
Door Mirror (RH & LH)   (2)
Front Door Assy (RH & LH)
Front Door Panel Assy
Rear Body Side Panel
Rear Door Assy (RH & LH)
Rear Door Panel Assy (RH & LH)   (1)
Roof Panel & Back Panel   (1)
Side Windows (RH & LH Door)
Slide Door Assy (RH & LH)
Front Suspension
Disc Wheel & Wheel Cap
Floor Member
Front Axle Housing & Differential
Front Drive Shaft
Front Steering Gear & Link   (1)
Power Take-Off Oil Pump
Propeller Shaft & Universal Joint
Steering Column & Shaft
Suspension Crossmember & Under Cover
Transfer Assembly   (1)
Air Bag (RH & LH)   (1)
Car Navigation system
Console Box & Bracket
Front & Rear Seat
Front Seat (RH & LH)
Instrument Panel
Rear Seat
Steering Wheel Assy   (1)
Rear suspension
Exhaust Pipe   (1)
Fuel Tank & Tube
Rear Axle Housing & Differential Assy
Rear Spring & Shock Absorber   (1)
Rear Steering Gear (4WS)
Rear Parts
Combination Lamp (RH & LH)   (1)
Rear Bumper & Bumper Stay   (2)
Truck Panel Compartment Luggage Assy
Roof Panel   (4)
Roof Panel & Back Window Glass   (4)
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